About Security

One of the most interesting - but most demanding - professions in the security sector is that of casino security, which is why it is also one of the best-paid security positions in relation to others within this field.

Whilst guarding a casino can mean guarding a static facility, the role is more than a security guard as it requires involvement in a number of other functions such as transporting money, overseeing payments to customers, collecting money from casino tables, surveillance and maintaining the calm operation of the casino.

The security officer operates as a deterrent and preventative measure to maintain order in the casino area. As a result, they have to have all the qualifications of a security guard, as well as the ability to adapt to different situations, which vary depending on the circumstances of the moment.

Security staff may be directly intervening to remove an individual who is disputing the flow of a game one minute, then smiling at another client whilst directing him to the till to cash in his chips the next.

The virtue of restraint is vital, and believe me, it is tested on a daily basis in the various situations that arise in a casino.

However qualified someone may be, if they have not developed the skill of observation, then they cannot work in a casino.

Like most things in life, it is also true of the security sector of a casino, that the right training is required.

It is not by chance that Austria Casino - the leading casino management company in Europe - trust our company for the training of their senior management, their security, and the cameras at the casinos they operate.

This is also true of Rhodes and Siros’ casinos in Greece.

The largest and oldest casino in Greece - Mont Parnes - has also received its training from our company’s trainer Andreas Venetis.

Aside from the above, our company has also developed its own educational programmes, one of which is ABLE – an educational programme that was created inside the casino to serve and develop the capabilities of security officers – so that they can meet the demands of the casino environment.

Upon completion of training, graduates will have the ability to recognize when a person is acting suspiciously so as to take action to prevent any unlawful acts BEFORE they take place:

Does this sound hard to believe?

Not for us, because we apply it daily and can see that it works and how effective and practical it is in the daily operation of a casino. This is not just talk, it is at the forefront of our company and implemented Europe-wide.

So, if you are a male or female aged 18-40 years old, have a clean police record and want to become part of the elite team of security officers onsite at a casino, all you need to do is apply, and with the proper training and certification, we will ‘open the door’ to an industry which to date has not existed in Cyprus. As a holder of one of our certificates, you are guaranteed to be immediately snapped up when casinos open and start to operate on the island.

It is important to take into consideration that in today’s society, the key to your professional advancement is a certificate that confirms you are able to undertake the specialist duties required in this sector, whilst many others will be unable to back up their words without the correct qualification – one that you will have already gained.