What is a Casino Dealer ?

The Casino Dealer - who from here on in we will refer to as ‘Dealer’ - is the most important ‘tool’ of every casino as their mission is pinnacle; to leave clients happy with the services offered by the casino during their time spent playing the tables.

We use the word ‘tool’ because of the saying that ‘a workman is only as good as his tools’, and for the ‘workman’ (the casino) to have good ‘tools’ (dealers), the casino needs to take care of these ‘tools’ so that they can deliver the maximum results and achieve their primary objective – which in this case is the clients’ enjoyment and entertainment.

The Dealer is the person behind every table; the one who provides the services required, depending on the game that the client has chosen to play whilst passing their time in the casino.

What are the services that a Dealer needs to provide in order to entertain a client?

The Dealer is in direct contact with the client and should be able to do certain things that are necessary for the successful entertainment of the client. These are:

  1. To always have a smile on their face
  2. To always be polite
  3. To be discrete
  4. To have the best professional technical training
  5. To be willing and creative

If a Dealer can meet the above criteria, then they can certainly consider themselves a professional with a very bright future ahead.

What are the requirements to work as a Dealer in a casino?

For someone to work as a Dealer at a casino, they should meet certain initial criteria: to have a clean criminal record, be between 18 - 30 years old, be reasonably presentable, have a personality that shines, and be sociable as the job requires contact and social interaction with many people daily, from clients to partners.

If someone meets the initial criteria and can also cover the traits required for a successful Dealer, which centre around fulfilling the clients’ goal of enjoyment and entertainment in a civilized and modern space – such as a casino – then they are able to work in a casino and enjoy a lengthy and successful career.

How difficult is it to find a job as a Dealer in a casino?

There are a great number of casinos scattered all around the world.

If someone knows the job of a Dealer, can speak a foreign language (preferably English), can easily adapt to new places and situations and is available to travel, then there are no limits for them.

The casinos are divided into two main categories

  1. Casinos on shore (Land Casinos)
  2. Casinos on the sea (Cruise Ships Casinos)

In recent time, some individual category casinos have emerged that are testing the dynamics in new industries such as aeroplanes, trains and large motor vehicles. Although these are still being tested and therefore work opportunities are limited at present, the prospects will be very promising if they succeed in their goals.

All over the world, everyday people (such as Dealers / Pit Bosses /Managers), move from casino to casino, from country to country and from category to category (Land Casinos vs Cruise Ships Casinos) for a variety of reasons.

All of these thousands of moves take place for different reasons and causes, but there is one common denominator and that is that indeed these thousands of moves from casino to casino do in fact take place.

The conclusion is that there are a great number of casinos in all categories that seek staff – who in most cases are required to be already trained. The internet and job agencies are full of such job ads, requesting suitable staff for employment.

How does this specifically apply to Cyprus?

It is natural for someone to prefer not to leave the country they were born and raised in, but it is also good to have the option, especially at a time when there is a global economic crisis and unemployment is high. Having training in the casino industry is a big advantage for someone in this economic situation.

In the case of Cyprus, the government has already announced its intentions for the establishment and operation of a future casino.

This means that the licensee casinos will need staff, and if they cannot find them on the island, they will bring them over from abroad in order to be up and running and operational as soon as possible, whilst at the same time, training staff to meet their many immediate needs.

If, however, they find ready trained and technically qualified personnel who can meet their aforementioned requirements – staff that already speaks Greek and is already adapted to life in Cypriot society - they will immediately hire them, saving time, effort and money.

Therefore, it is more than certain that those who have trained in the art of Dealer will be ready the day that the licensee casinos start seeking qualified casino staff and will be hired instantly without much effort on their part.

Why is the profession of Dealer a good one, and what makes it different?

The profession of Dealer and their participation in the smooth running of a casino is part of the fabric of any community where a casino operates, and is a profession that has many positive and different aspects in comparison to other occupations.

First of all, the workplace is civilized, of a higher social network and the epicentre of society. The company shows respectful and delicate handling of its employees and offers continuous and ongoing training for its staff in order to ensure that they can provide continuous improvement of services from the casino to its clients and staff.

Wherever a casino operates, it is at the top of the economic pyramid and surrounded by many other companies who support the institution and operation of casinos and the services they provide them with. This ‘top of the economic pyramid’ status is enjoyed by each and every member of staff at a casino through their daily social interactions.

A casino employee has full job security and social security, they have a salary that is well above the average wage and the harder they work to move on up within each company, the more positive the benefits they reap from their profession.

There is time off and holidays in accordance to the law of the country and region that the casino is based in, which cannot be broken. Working hours comply with the regulations of the country of operation and cannot be extended - not even one minute longer. On a global level, a typical working day for a Dealer is eight (8) hours, with a twenty (20) minute break for every hour worked.

It is common practise for Dealers to receive a free meal and unlimited drinks (different types) whilst working.

Dealers are given two or three uniforms free, and depending on the policy of each individual casino, they will clean and care for them, or alternatively, the Dealer is required to maintain them in perfect and clean condition.

Usually there is a figure that Dealers share with colleagues from the tips that clients leave because they are happy with the service provided by the casino staff. In a large percentage of casinos, this amount goes entirely and directly to the staff. This amount is not negligible as often it totals 25% of a casino employee’s net monthly salary.

Where can I learn about the profession and receive training?

There are many private schools around the world that teach the technical skills required to become a Dealer. In Cyprus, the only place that can provide you with this training - and of a much higher standard compared to the global competition - is the University of Nicosia (Intercollege).

Our company and the university have formed a strategic agreement whereby the university can provide all the necessary training required to work as a Dealer both in Cyprus (in the future) and worldwide (currently).

Our company has obtained European certification and approval of our training programs from the strictest European agency for the certification of training programmes - Bavarian Association for the Security in the Economy r.A (BVSW) in Germany. Furthermore, having reached an agreement with the best university in Cyprus, it has guaranteed prospective trainee Dealers the highest possible standard of education at the best possible place, and with the best possible certification of the University of Nicosia, which puts us in the best position to train Dealers Europe wide. These trainees will receive a university certificate for which no equivalent exists on a global level in the casino industry.

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