Education – in the broadest sense – includes all activities designed in a specific way to influence the way of thinking, the character and the physical movements of a person.\

From a technical perspective, the process of education acquires specific knowledge, hones skills and abilities and develops values (ethics, honesty, integrity, character, a sense of justice, loyalty, professionalism, responsibility etc).

The training is based on specific methods (theoretical teaching, demonstration, assignments and practical training) within a specially designed programme, with specific learning objectives and within a set timeframe.

Aims of Education
The aims of education differ from country to country and from era to era.

The aims are:

  • The formation of character, which will help young people in their relations with fellow citizens.
  • The development of intelligence.
  • To equip young people with knowledge and skills according to their ability to earn a living and to contribute to the further development of the national economy.
  • To make young people capable of adapting to changing social and economic conditions.

Once we have defined what education is, and what the purpose of education is, we cover the reasons why our company decided to enter the education sector.

As the objectives of education vary from country to country and from era to era, we are being innovative and pioneering in our decision to come to Cyprus to try and set the future standards for the casino industry - an industry that will thrive on the island now and in the future.

With 20 years experience in the field of operating casinos and in education, and having trained thousands of people in different disciplines - both in and out of the casino sector - we were the first company to obtain European certification and approval of our training programmes from the strictest European agency for the certification of training programmes - Bavarian Association for the Security in the Economy r.A (BVSW) in Germany.

Additionally, we managed to secure a strategic agreement in the field of education with the University of Nicosia (Intercollege), thereby implementing the highest standards in training for the certain success of all those who wish to work in the casino sector on the island, in the not-so-distant future.

Wherever there are casinos operating, they are at the top of the economic chain, and in every country and region, they are successful for those who operate them and those who work in them.
Casino staff – of all disciplines - are employed with higher salaries than other occupations in the area and are socially accepted because they become a significant cog in the wheel of social and economic development in the area the casino is based.

The disciplines that will be trained are:

  • Casino Dealers: (American Roulette, Black Jack, Casino Stud Poker, Punto Banco, Texas Holde’m).
  • Security and Casino Security & Surveillance: (Body Language, Personal Security, Self Defence, ABLE (Associated Body Language Expertise), Casino Operation Tactics, Cheats Casinos, Customer Behavior in and out of Casinos).
  • Slots Attendance & Slots Technicians: (Machine Specification per technology, Machine Specification per vendor, Peripheral Devises, Gaming Maths and Financial of Gaming,Stand Alone gaming, Progressive gaming,Reel Machines, Video Machines,Vlts Roulettes vs. Physical Roulettes, Game to System & Link technology per protocol, Sign technology, CRM systems, Installation and Setup of harness, Restoration of malfunctions, Maintenance & Spare Parts, Setup of Peripheral Devices, Progressive gaming installation, Game to System Setup, Machine installation and Maths).
  • Orientation to Casino Operation: (Day to Day operation and explanation about casino operation for all casino departments).

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