Our company was created with the vision to direct, and to be the one in position to set standards for the successful development and implementation of the new and specialised casino industry of Cyprus, which will operate on the island in the not-to-distant future, as well as so much more.

We have the purpose and vision to participate in decisions and to implement them in order to create a successful casino operating environment that is pioneering and innovative, providing a role model for all other countries that operate casinos.

We want to have the key role in the casino industry, and specifically in Cyprus, which is why we set-up on the island, creating the first and only company that provides consultancy and specialization in casinos, with over 20 years experience in operating them (in Greece and abroad). We are the decision-makers of these casinos and have created innovative and cutting-edge features and applications within them.

The motto of our company is that we really believe that if there is no road that leads to your goals and vision, then you should not change your goals and vision, but instead create the road.

We do this at every given opportunity and one of those opportunities was the future establishment of casinos in Cyprus, which gave us a goal and vision. With these in mind, we created our own road, and the only thing you have to do is trust us and walk it with us.

We invite you to challenge us with any difficult goal you want to achieve and we guarantee that you will enjoy the road to the successful achievement of this goal.

Our company can handle and bring to fruition anything and everything that will take place regarding the issue of a casino in Cyprus and within this can undertake:

  • The continuous flow of information and the creation of informative reports regarding the laws and specifications of operating a casino for those who are interested in evaluating the future prospects for operating a casino in Cyprus.
  • Advice and guidance regarding the decision and the timelines that Cyprus places on the operation of a casino on the island.
  • The representation of companies that have a final interest in obtaining a casino license in Cyprus.
  • The undertaking, informing and execution of all the necessary paper work for expressions of interest in the casino license in Cyprus.
  • The creation of all relevant specifications for the project to proceed after the successful awarding of a casino licence to the company.
  • The creation of all the necessary requirements for the operation of a casino (Procedures).
  • The recruiting process and staffing of the casino (Recruitment).
  • The normal operation of these casinos (Management Contract).

Our company can easily implement all of the above thanks to the sterling team it has at its disposal, who all have 16-22 years experience in the operation and administration of Greek and other casinos of all shapes and sizes, and who are all under the age of 45.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or queries or to arrange a meeting.

Our role is to advise, mentor and train so that there is growth and development for the companies we cooperate with. We propose, implement and execute all business ideas with excellent results.