Our Services

Cyprus Casino Consultant provides services on all aspects relating to the world of casinos. In addition to this, we are also interested in exploring any other proposals or cooperation where our expertise may be required, and are ready and able to undertake anything that is innovative and pioneering.

Our primary focus is always our client, and our aim is not to simply proceed in the way that we know, but to ensure that we have a clear perspective on what each individual client envisages. In this way, we can provide them with all the necessary information so that we can make the right decisions together - as a team - to bring about positive results.

We have a very dynamic group of people in our team. Each brings with them over 20 years experience in the casino industry, as well as individual specialisations within the sector. None of our staff are over 45 years of age.

Our strong track record as a leader within this field, the desire to work in new and innovative destinations, and the aim to be a pioneer in the casino world all led us to create a base in Cyprus in order to become the first and only company on the island to offer casino-related services.

We have also taken our decision to focus on Cyprus one step further by forging a strong partnership with The University of Nicosia (Intercollege) - the best private university on an island that has a large number of universities.

This collaboration has given the university the most significant and dynamic faculty in Europe for the training of casino staff in all sectors of the industry - from the lowest levels to the highest - as it is the only university on the island to offer such courses.

Through these courses, our company will educate Dealers, Slot Attendants, Slot Technicians, Security Officers and Gaming Surveillance Officers. There will also be five-day seminars on offer where senior executives and private company owners who are interested in learning about the operation of a casino on the island can learn about their overall and day-to-day operations in detail.

Alongside the educational courses, we will also offer our services to companies who want to learn / be represented / or require a consultation on the future operation of casinos in Cyprus and around the world.

As we work with one of the most prestigious, international law firms on the island, we can undertake the whole procedure of tendering for the license to operate a casino in Cyprus on behalf of any organisation who wishes to submit their proposal when the time arises.

Alongside our other activities, we are also in talks with very large companies that operate in the casino industry to represent them and their materials to prospective licensees of Cyprus casinos.

We have the desire to provide our services, and are ready to meet you and to pledge that whatever you require from us, we will be by your side.

Are you ready too?