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Cyprus Casino Consultant provides services on all aspects relating to the world of casinos. In addition to this, we are also interested in exploring any other proposals or cooperation where our expertise may be required, and are ready and able to undertake anything that is innovative and pioneering.

Our primary focus is always our client, and our aim is not to simply proceed in the way that we know, but to ensure that we have a clear perspective on what each individual client envisages.

In this way, we can provide them with all the necessary information so that we can make the right decisions together - as a team - to bring about positive results.


Casino Training
Education – in the broadest sense – includes all activities designed in a specific way to influence the way of thinking, the character and the physical movements of a person.From a technical perspective, the process of education acquires specific knowledge, hones skills and abilities and develops values (ethics, honesty, integrity, character, a sense of justice, loyalty, professionalism, responsibility etc)... Read More »


Casino Consultants
Our company was created with the vision to direct, and to be the one in position to set standards for the successful development and implementation of the new and specialised casino industry of Cyprus, which will operate on the island in the not-to-distant future, as well as so much more... Read More »


Casino Partnership
Cooperation is the agreement between two or more parties to reach common objectives and operations in areas of common interest.For a partnership to be successful, the two parties should be honest with one another, have common objectives, and the merits of one should balance out the drawbacks of the other... Read More »

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